Malaysian Government Policies! A Brief Look At Some Of The Policies

Dr. Mahathir Mohamad being the Prime Minister of Malaysia since 2018, his government has introduced several policies which all the commoners should know about so that they can use them and make their life easier. There are many people who aren’t aware of some of the amazing and important policies which can be useful for you.

Here we have tried to list out the most important policies which one can use and take the benefits from it.

  • Policies for the civil servants

The Government has provided the special help for the civil servants of grade 41 and below RM400 and for the Government prisoners RM200

  • Cost of products drops after zero GST rate

Cost of products is relied upon to fall after zero GST rate. Because of GST at different levels, costs have ascended to 16 for each penny and purchasers are compelled to pay high costs. Presently it is normal that dealers and wholesalers can offer at a value lower than six percent.

  • BR1M will be replaced by BSHR

BR1M is a type of aid which was provided to the Malaysia People which the current Government will continue to give but in the Different name semakan bsh 2019 (BSHR). People who filled the forms for BSHR will get the payments directly in their beneficiary account. You can get more information on semakan bsh 2019 online easily. If you have low income and are facing the financial crisis than you should check it out.

Semakan BSH 2019
  • The Malaysian Hope Fund for the general population to encourage the nation’s money related issues

People who are willing to help out the group who can’t tackle the financial crises can show their patriotic attitude and donate to the people in need. The donation is directly monitored by the Ministry of finance.

  • Service (Ministry) of Finance Briefing

Full instructions on the Ministry of Finance will bring down the expense of the nation’s organization and measures to be taken to accomplish a spending that does not require a shortfall. Likewise, the investigation of the status of the Bandar Malaysia venture.

 There are many more similar schemes and policies which are introduced for the commoners in Malaysia. If you want to get some of the best facilities regarding the financial and other problems than stay up to date with current and future policies. I hope that all the above information are valuable to all of you, so use the Government policies and enjoy the benefits.

Remarkable -Benefits- Of -Using- E-Cigarettes

Remarkable Benefits Of Using E-Cigarettes

How Electronic Cigarettes Benefit Your Life

Vaporizers and electronic cigarettes were imagined as a contrasting option to smoking. If you have heard about e-cigarettes and want to know more about its benefits, you can consider the following benefits and decide whether it would be right for you to make a switch from the traditional cigarettes to the e-cigarettes! Phix pods are known to be a reliable choice of vapers that you can prefer!


Set aside some cash

Electronic cigarettes are significantly more affordable than smoking tobacco cigarettes. The customary pack of tobacco cigarettes costs around $7-$19, depending on where you live. One electronic cigarette cartridge is equivalent to about a full pack and just expenses $2. That is you will save about $4-$9 investment funds on each pack! Spare significantly more cash by utilizing E-Liquid and filling the cartridges on your own. This compares to approx $1 per pack!

You may really smoke less

When you smoke the conventional cigarettes, you feel compelled to smoke the whole cigarette. The e-cigarette enables you to take a couple of puffs and keep it away for some other time. You may normally smoke less along these lines. Likewise, the electronic cigarette does not burn when it is not used, thereby saving lots of money.

Breathe in an immaculate environment

With traditional cigarettes, your fingers, hair, and garments begin to smell which not the case with the e-cigarettes is. You can utilize the e-cigarettes in your home or vehicle and still be away from that Smokey smell. In this, you inhale vapor rather than smoke which is quite advantageous for health.

Electronic cigarettes don’t really have a hot end, and so the chances of ignition are negligible. As e-cigarettes are not lit up, you will get no burn holes over anything. When you are done with utilizing them, you can just place them in your pockets.

No lighters, no ashtrays

With Electronic cigarettes, you don’t require ashtrays since they don’t create any fiery debris or butts.  Even lighter is not required to use the e-cigarette. Electronic cigarettes don’t have a fire. You will never again need to look for a lighter or a matchstick. Thus, you save yourself from carrying these things.


Electronic cigarettes have no fire and no smoke. Utilize electronic cigarettes to get the nicotine in places where smoking isn’t allowed, yet have a check on the foundation first. There are certain places where smoking e-cigarettes are also not allowed and so be careful of this aspect.

8- Business -Ideas -For- Women- In- 2018

8 Business Ideas For Women In 2018

As Steve Maraboli said, “The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description”. Women can get the true empowerment when they can earn their own bread and butter. Parents should always teach their daughters how to make money? And educate them so that they can live there dream life.

This post is for those women who want to do something in their lives and create a name and fame for them. Following are the 10 business ideas which a woman can use and make their own living.

  1. Foodservice

Woman with a good cooking skill can open their own business and sell the food on which she has expertise. There are many women who cook great cakes and have a business which they run from their home. Baking is one of the best businesses which you can do from your home.

  1. Content writing

In this digitized world every small and large businesses have their sites which they can’t maintain alone that’s why they hire people who can create content for them. If you have a good command of writing than you can earn a good amount of money from this.

  1. Beautician


Women love to present themselves beautifully in front of others, Women are beauticians by birth, all they need a little guidance and they can do a tremendous job in this. There are many things which a woman can do like microblading, hairdressing, face massage etc. There many courses which they can do and start their own beauty shop.

  1. Photographer

A woman knows the variation of colors, you can say that they have a good eye for the colors. They can become a good photographer and editor easily.

  1. Interpreter

If you know more than 2 languages than you can become an interpreter also. If you know sign languages than you could also help those people who can’t here and make their life easy and earn money from it too.

  1. Musician

With a good voice, you can rock the YouTube and can get recognized by millions of people. There are some women who have become a star on the YouTube with their singing skills.

  1. Teacher

If a woman is good at studies and love to teach, then there is no other job better than a Teacher. It’s safe, fun and will help you earn hard cash.

  1. Yoga & Fitness trainer

If you are a fitness freak and know yoga than use social media platforms and other sources and start an online training course and teach the people all over the world to stay fit. Or you can give one on one lessons to the people who give you hard cash.

These are some of the business ideas which a woman can do and earn their living. Pick any of the professions and work hard for it and you will definitely achieve your goal.

Most Important Tips To Consider Before Renting A Car

Most Important Tips To Consider Before Renting A Car

Leasing a car for rent is one of the best ways to make your trip or vacation easy. It spares your cash from spending on taxi rides and shields you from making the most of your stumble on the calendar of your open transportation. So, here are some of the simple and easy tips for you to consider before renting a car.


Use credit card while renting the car

compare rental cars
compare rental cars

Leasing a car is very simple with the available fast and high tech accessories. But, one important thing to consider is to use the credit card while booking the car. You can also use debit cards, but there are some companies which give you some special benefits based on your credit score available on the credit cards. There are also some companies who do not allow prepaid cards and at the same time, there are some, who hold funds from the card until you hand over the vehicle to the management.


Kids are charged more to drive rental cars

Even if you have attained a certain age for driving, then also you are not allowed by the car rental companies to drive the vehicle, even if you want to then they certainly charge a bit higher price compared to the others. The car rental companies generally consider only the liability of their goods. So, if you are lower than the certain age of 25 years, then it is for sure that you are charged a bit higher charge for renting the car. So, if you want to cut down the expenses, it is preferred to hire a driver as the charge quoted by the drivers are very much less compared to the charges quoted by the rental car owners.


Shop around at Car Insurance

You can get protection on your rental car from the organization. The car insurance prices are extremely high and should only be used if all your other options have exhausted. But, before buying the car rental insurance as your personal vehicle license insurance covers all the rental car policies as well. But there are some companies which do not permit you to drive their vehicles with that personal vehicle license. Hence, please check beforehand, there are thousands of sites available online, so compare rental cars websites and chose the one which satisfies all your needs.

Prefer to avoid renting the car at Airport

Most of us feel, that it is easy to get down of the flight, pick up the car and move according to our work and destinations, but you have to pay a lot of money for these services. But, there’s nothing the rental organizations can do on this one since they’re committed to gather and pay these charges to the air terminal where they work together. You can get around this expense by essentially hailing a taxi to take you to the auto rental shop that isn’t on airplane terminal grounds.


These are some of the most important tips to consider before renting the car for yourself. Check them out and enjoy your journey.


What Are The Tricks For Small Businesses To Save Money?


Money is one of the big concern for small business owners. Sometimes they have to behave as the skinflint. Because they have to take care of the proper use of the whole capital of the company. The extravagant nature of companies that do not have good bank balance can fall their shutter forever. That is why it is very important for small-scale companies to save money.


money saving forum


For managing your business expenses you can also take the help from different money saving forum – that guides you to balance your budget with your expenses and also teaches you about the taxes imposed on business and many more things related to the expenses of businesses. In this article, you are going to read about the tactics that can help your business to save the good amount of money. So just take a look!


Cooperative advertising



Marketing and advertising are not easy for small-scale businesses. Marketing involves mailing to lots of people, advertisement on television, by placing printed banners on city area and many more things which is somehow not affordable for most of the people. It’s not that you cannot do advertising of your product at all. It is better if you coordinate with some big company and then alongside advertise your product. It can save you thousands of bucks.


Hire website builders


Every business for more exposure needs the website on the internet so that people get to know more about the company. It is better if you go to a website builder rather than website developer. Hiring a developer needs lots of money that maybe not in your budget. There are also many that can help small business to get more exposure. You can also take help from them.


Volunteer at industrial events



It is one very good trick to aware people about your brand without spending any money. You can take part in industry conferences as a volunteer and speak about your brand and product. It can advertise your product as well as creates the good image of your business in front of people listening to you.


Be flexible with your office space


As we know now most of the businesses are based on online platforms. If your businesses are also one of this kind then you can save your money by avoiding full-time space for your office. Like if you are living in an apartment then you can convert some space of it into your office or vice-versa. It can save you thousands of bucks. Because we know nowadays leasing rates of apartments and different private spaces are very expensive.


These are the top four tactics that can definitely help your business to save the good amount of money and you can use that money on the necessary aspects of the business or else can save for the business future.