5 Best Places To Visit In South Asia

If you have decided to have a trip visit to the beautiful places in South Asia then you can visit some of the most beautiful places around the world. It would be quite troublesome for you to select the best destination place for your trip. Each of the places has its own diverse cultural aspect, religious aspect, and different cuisines. It will not be possible for you to visit all the places but you will get a general idea about this place to plan your next trip to South Asia.

Kuala Lumpur

It is the most beautiful city, which is also the capital of Malaysia. It is also the most populous city in the country. Here you can find high skyscrapers buildings and also the iconic Petronas Tower in Malaysia. It is also known for its Islamic Art Museum and also have the largest bird park which is also called as the world’s largest walking aviary.


Singapore is the city which lies in the south end of the Malay peninsula. You will find most of the population of Singapore is the Chinese ethnic groups. While you can also hear various other languages in Singapore. It is also known because of its western style which is also the signature of the old British colonies of Singapore.


If you are interested in archaeological things then visiting Angkor in northern Cambodia is the best option you have. It contains some of the most ancient remnants which have very important cultural aspect also. These also include the famous temples like Wat and Bayon temples. Angkor has some of the very historical stuff of 14th century which makes it one of the favorite place to learn about archaeology.


Leh Ladakh Trip

You can find out some of the most beautiful places in South Asia in Leh Ladakh trip. You can find here a typical combination of Indo-Tibetan culture. There are different attractive places like the salt lake (Pangong lake) which is also Asia’s largest salt lake, Shanti Stupa, The Leh Palace, Khardungla pass and many other places where you should visit on Leh-Ladakh trip.


One of the most beautiful place in the world which is also called the heavens land because of it’s beautiful and attractive natural sights. Bangkok is a capital of Thailand. Bangkok is known for its floating markets where you can buy vegetable, fruits and also other household things. There is also a big religious side of Thailand which have so many temples of Buddha. You will find very beautiful sight if architecture visiting such temples.

There are many more places in South Asia which may have attracted you, but from my point of view, these are some of the best locations which you should not miss during your trip to Southeast Asia.


7 Wonderful Benefits Of Travelling

There are plenty of things a person can get through travelling, such as new friends, new experiences, and new stories. When you start exploring new places, you will better understand the new culture, traditions and many more. Travelling also increases your overall health, and also enhance your creativity. Therefore, you should try to manage your time for a vacation, from your daily tensions, office pressures, household works, and many other days to day tasks. Here are some of the benefits of travelling given below:

Improves social and communication skills:

One of the main benefits of travelling is, when you plan your travel to the places where your native language is used the least, then you can learn to communicate with different types of people, in different languages. For example, if you want to ask for a way to your next destination or asking for the nearest sightseeing spot or any other thing, it helps to improve your social as well as communication skills.

Ensures peace of mind:

We all have stress and tensions in our life, but traveling helps us to disconnect from all those tensions and gets you out of the normal routine and help you to appreciate people and things around you.

Help you get original and creative thoughts:

It is a true saying that, if a person comes out of the comfort zone, the mind gets more creative. This helps you to develop new connections which trigger the original ones and helps to create new thoughts, which helps you to explore new places and break out of your daily lifestyles.

Broadens your horizons:

Travelling helps you to connect with different types of people from different cultures. Meeting people from different backdrops from different cultures make you aware of their cultures and see issues and helps you to see your daily life from in different angles.

Enhance your tolerance for uncertainty:

While traveling, it’s sometimes not possible to move according to your plan, hence it may be possible that you find yourself stuck in some situations where things don’t always go as planned. In such situations, you will learn to cope up with the situation and the uncertainties of life.

Boost your confidence:

Being in a new place will help you to learn many new things, you can gain confidence and presence of mind. You will develop the ability to cope with obstacles, which will make you a confident person and help you grow as a perfect human being.

Create memories for a lifetime:

If you travel with your friends and family members, travelling helps you to build stronger bonds to make memories. You can also save memories for a lifetime by creating picture albums or by sharing pictures on social media and many more. You can visit the United States, Australia, and many other places, you just have to apply for esta aanvragen, to be an eligible international traveller and go all around your favourite destinations.

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Traveling is good for your health, so decide a place now!! Pack your bags!!! And start your move to different places and get some life-changing experiences.