Syrian President Bashar al-Assad likely to meet Kim Jong Un in North Korea

yrian President Bashar al-Assad said he intends to visit North Korea’s pioneer Kim Jong Un, Pyongyang’s state media announced today, possibly turning into the principal head of state to meet Kim inside the secluded nation.

“I am will visit the DPRK and meet… Kim Jong Un,” Assad stated, the North’s state-run KCNA news organization detailed, utilizing the condensed rendition of the nation’s authentic name.

The declaration came as expectation mounts for a noteworthy atomic summit amongst Kim and US President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12, following a hurricane round of tact.

“The world respects the momentous occasions in the Korean promontory achieved as of late by the extraordinary political gauge and savvy administration of… Kim Jong Un,” KCNA refered to Assad as saying amid a gathering with North Korean Ambassador Mun Jong Nam on Wednesday.

The Syrian president’s office declined to remark on the report when reached.

Pyongyang and Damascus have kept up warm ties for a considerable length of time and allegedly shared a military relationship for a few years, including amid the progressing Syrian common war.

Doubts over substance weapons exchange amongst Pyongyang and Damascus have been brought up in the past by the UN and South Korea.

There were additionally far reaching reports that North Korea helped Syria fabricate an atomic plant that was pulverized by Israeli shelling in 2007.

The two administrations have been the objective of global segregation – Pyongyang over its prohibited atomic program and Damascus for outrages submitted amid the seven-year common war.

Since coming to control in 2011, Kim has not met another head of state in North Korea. He just made his first abroad trek as pioneer this year, going to China to meet President Xi Jinping, a partner of the isolated administration.