The Complete Guide To BR1M In 2018

BR1M stands for Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia. It is a scheme or program which is started by the prime minister of Malaysia, this is basically done to ease the burden of a low-income group of people. It is started in 2011 and today more than 7 million applications are approved. The BR1M is still continued but the name has changed to BSHR.

This program is a government assistance which is given to the low-income earners to help them with the increasing living cost of Malaysia. A payment of RM 500 is given to the people whose income is less than RM 3000 monthly. Not everyone is eligible for this scheme, it has certain eligibility criteria based on work, income, and age.

BR1M  eligibility


This program is only eligible to the citizen of Malaysia who is residing in Malaysia. Any gender of the person makes no difference in availing the scheme, both female and male are eligible to apply for this scheme until their household income is below from RM 3000.

The elder or old age people who are above the age of 60 are also eligible to avail this scheme if their income is below RM 4000. And for the single individuals who are below the age of 21 can also apply for this scheme if their income is below RM 2000.

There is also one more category is added for the students who want to further their higher education in institutions.

The application process for BR1M

The application form for this scheme can be made through both online and offline. And in both the cases, it is advisable to keep a copy with you of the application form.

The offline application is filled from the directly office of inland revenue, urban transformation, federal development or at the state secretary office. The applications from are needed to be dropped, not faxed or mailed. The account numbers also needed to mentioned directly as to credited the amount of money directly to the bank accounts else it will take a long process.

Payment details

The payment was increased in 2016 due to the rising prices of aid in Malaysia. It was announced that the increment of RM50 will be received by everyone.

There are various methods of payments are available such as a bank account and BR1M voucher. Through the bank accounts, the amount is directly credited to their bank accounts while the people who do not have bank accounts, they can receive the payment through vouchers.

BR1M is a great step taken by the Malaysia government to help the low-income earners and to increase the national income.