Tips -To -Cheat -On- Your- So -And -Get -Away -With -It

Tips To Cheat On Your So And Get Away With It

Don’t hold on thinking there will be no one else, there will always be some else, who believes you are worth more than anything. And if you find a perfect admirer, there is no harm in sharing your personals and having an affair with them. But make sure to be safe enough while cheating. Here are some tips on how to have an affair and to rescue after cheating on your better half or beloved:


Change your secondary someone’s name in your contact list:

Add the name of secondary someone, variant of your friends name or someone about whom your spouse would not think about much. The best idea for this is to save the contact in the name of a person belonging to the same sex, which rarely creates any doubt.


Log out of all the accounts which you log in into:


how to have an affair
how to have an affair


Don’t take risk and make sure you log out of all the accounts which you generally use to communicate and don’t leave any Internet message notified in your system or in your mobile phone. Getting rid of these evidences are generally very simple and fun. Just be simple and keep the things cleans.


Choose a secret carrier to communicate:

It is really very important to choose only one particular medium to chat, which helps to stop worrying about the evidence and allows to maintain your track cleaning easy.


Make sure to erase all messages:



When you are using that one particular medium to chat, don’t be over sentimental and delete all the chats and unnecessary information, otherwise these nasty messages will create a great mess later.


Be sure not to have a photo evidence:

In this era of social media, don’t make your pictures viral. If you are furious enough to save some sexy images, then install some secret vault apps and set a tricky password which no one can open it.


Share only with your best friends:          

The less number of people aware of your extra relationships, the lesser will be chances of getting into the problems. Don’t share each and every thing to people. Share with the ones who will listen to your words, maintain some secrecy and share only with the group of people whom you trust more than yourself.


Make it simple:

Make sure not to make the things very complicated, which you actually have. Don’t exaggerate if you are caught. Plan a simple explanation most possibly beforehand and stick to your plan. Make sure you are close enough to the real story to avoid having greater mess.


Plan an excuse beforehand:

If you by chance got caught, then always be ready with the pre-planned excuse. But in case you are feeling terrible and planning to admit, then don’t just begin to spill all the beans and hurt everyone involved.



If you are planning to cheat then don’t be a moron, follow the above mentioned tips and play safe.