Various Industrial Cleaning Rags And Their Purposes

Like regular hygiene, industrial hygiene is also considered to be the most important steps ensuring proper health condition for all the members associated with the organization. Though hygiene is done using the automated way using large machines still the traditional form of hygiene carries their own value to avoid risky business and provide access to safety conventions.

Three basic purposes of industrial cleaning rags

Cleaning Rags


Accidents are supposed to happen uncertainly over the area where you are working. Using reliable cleaning rags, you can get rid of drip easily therefore keep some quantity of rags near the workplace to take a quick action during an emergency.

Hand cleaning

Worker often get their hands dirty due to oil and greases thus they are no more able to hold tools and equipment firmly. Time to time wiping off their hands provide them better access to the operation of work.

Wiping equipment

If the machine left dirty, the motors automatically will lose the efficiency of working properly. All these factors definitely impact negatively overall turnover. Make sure to clean up the machine or equipment continuously in between the work.

Classification of rags

Plain white rags

They are usually suitable to use with cleaning solvent that means they are dipped in the solution to wipe off the area of the industry where they want a clean finishing.

Multicolored rags

The multicolored rags are efficient to remove the stains of grease, oil or cement. On both the sides of these rags – smooth and silky textures are placed so that you can stay away from the worry of marks that would probably does not gets removed easily.

Knitted rags

Knitted rags works as a better absorbent to be used for wiping out water, oil, and grease formed at the time of projects like fleet maintenance, construction and painting projects. They contain the material knitted off from sweatshirts, pants or similar wear which easily cleanse all the marks.

Recycled rags

These rags are made from post-consumer products, therefore, are not that much expensive. The bulk of wiping rags have been dumped by both the industries and household uses which are then recycled to form highly-absorbent rags that are used for the industrial cleaning process.

It’s the industries that require the need of wiping rags mostly as compared to household uses. For house cleaning, people usually prepare their own wiping rags instead of buying them.