What Are The Different Types Of Drugs?

There are various drugs which are present in the market and people should know everything about them like its pros, cons, and uses. Today we will be looking at seven drug types which are present in the market and are highly useful in the medical world. So let’s start looking at the brief description of the following drugs.




This is the commonly prescribed drug for the ADHD Patients. What it do? It can affect the central nervous system which can cause a feeling of high alertness, increase in the heart rate and blood pressure. People often feel that things are moving fast so they try to cope up with that. Common Stimulants drugs are Adderall, Ritalin, and Cocaine etc. If you want to know how long does adderall stay in your system? Then you can get it tested or you can search for the information online.




how long does adderall stay in your system?


Depressant drugs does not mean that they are depressing, how it affects? It slowdowns the nervous system and makes the body movement slow. Doctors generally prescribe it for fighting anxiety, OCD and various other medical issues. Drugs like Rohypnol and Valium provide the sedative experience for the users.




The main medical use of Hallucinogens is to disrupt the brain signal, people who are suffering from intense emotion disorders use it for relieving themselves. Drugs like LSD, Saliva, and Peyote are really common in medical use in many of the countries.





Dissociatives are the drugs that are used for sedation, respiratory depression, and many other things. When a person takes this drug it makes him feel like as if he is looking himself or hallucinating something. The commonly known Dissociative drugs are ketamine, DXM etc.




Drugs which are in this category are used as the painkiller which helps the patient fight the severe pains by providing the sense of euphoria. People get addicted to these drugs easily. It is really important for people to take guided medication for their problems.





With the name itself, you can identify that these drugs are consumed by inhaling. Drugs like Nitrous oxide, Aerosol etc. are the commonly known inhalants present in the market.




Cannabis is basically known as marijuana it has a really high potential for addiction. Cannabis is known for its many medical benefits it is also legalized in many of the regions.


These are the seven types of drugs which you all should know about. Keep in mind that these drugs extremely powerful and one should consult a doctor first for any medical attention. I hope this information is useful for you. Thank you.