Incredible Essential Oil Hacks That Will Blow Up Your Mind

Naturally extracted essential oils have been used for centuries due to their astonishing healing properties. Other than their mind and beauty benefits they are often used as an aromatherapy to promote body relaxation, fight infections and reduce cellulite. Now whether you are an existing user or a newbie, some of the essential oils hacks are mentioned here to break out the myth of a lot of people and make them able to enjoy it’s over benefit.


Spot treatment


Skin breaking is one of the skin problems that won’t let the people look them into the mirror. There is nothing to worry about, take two drops of tea tree oil diffuser and apply them gently over the face, the offending spots would definitely disappear. It can also be used as a toner to be applied overnight and get the exfoliating benefit of essential oil.


Instant stress buster


oil diffuser


Those who want to calm down at the end of the stressful week can add drops of essential oil like lavender, peppermint or Eucalyptus to hot water for regular bathing. Beside that oil, the diffuser can also be a reliable option to keep bring positivity in the thought and stimulate the mind.


Scalp treatment


Massaging the scalp mixing a similar quantity of lemon peppermint and lavender oil with olive oil to remove dandruff effectively and treat other issues related to the scalp.


Relief From sunburn



Sunburn is a common problem that everybody faces while going outdoors. Overlooking these symptoms can also lead to even serious diseases like skin cancer, therefore, sunburn can be treated within the time. Instead of using chemical based product try exploring natural remedies including prescription like essential oils and aloe Vera gel.


Get complete sleep


Sleep disorder is found commonly among people. In absence of physical work and peace of mind, sleeplessness occurs. Using essential oils like petitgrain oil can make someone fall asleep quickly by making the mind relax and flourishing the sleep hormones.


Buildup immune



Facing inconsequential cough and cold? Keep allergies and congestion away using essential oils that also work for a better immune. Make sure to adopt the right way of using such oils as they are sometimes applied over the body or inhaled, depending on the circumstances.




Time to time studies has been done to prove the effectiveness of essential oils. Recently, it the fact determined about the capability of essential oil for fighting Cancer which is considered to be one of the most dangerous diseases.