News Headlines That Makes Florida The Most Hilarious State Of America

Florida is located in the United State in between the Gulf of Mexico on one side and Atlantic Ocean on another side. It is famous for its extremely beautiful beaches and sunshine spots. Besides all this Florida is very much popular for its news headlines that often make Americans laugh hard.

This article is all about some amusing news headlines that make your jaw ached because of laughing. So are you ready for giggling? Then take a look!


Opossum hit rock bottom and break through into an alcohol store to drink alone


A female opossum broke into a shut alcohol store and grabbed some bourbon, go out, and was later found by a Cash’s Liquor representative sitting alongside a vacant container the following morning. Then opossum was let to the Emerald Coast Wildlife asylum where she was flushed with liquids, at that point sent to Delray Beach for recovery.


Man captured for declining to distinguish himself as Florida man


At the point when each bizarre news story here begins with “Florida Man” and “Florida Woman,” can you extremely reprimand anybody for not having any desire to state they’re from here? This was the rationale of a couple found in a plain vessel eight miles off the bank of Fort Pierce, who needed ID and would just say they were “man and lady of Earth.” Which, while actually evident, clearly wasn’t the appropriate response traditions specialists were searching for. The man was set up for St. Lucie County Jail on charges of opposing an officer without viciousness.



Florida Man


Ladies dressed as Turkey captured for shoplifting


In Florida, even our flying creatures are a bundle of hoodlums. A 67-year-elderly person named Irene wore a mammoth turkey outfit this past November and made a beeline for a Belks in Lady Lake, where police guarantee observation cameras saw her stuffing said turkey ensemble with totes, adornments, and a waffle creator. “I was planning to wear my outfit to court,” she said to Pittman in a meeting. Which will without a doubt arrive her on this rundown again in 2018.


Plane wing harmed after alligator assault


All things considered, appears as though we’ll need to set that enormous “It’s been many days since a plane kept running into a croc” sign back to zero. Back in June, a man steering a Piper PA 31 was endeavoring a late-night arriving at Orlando Executive Airport when an 11-foot gator hopped up from the runway and assaulted the wing. The 500-pound mammoth kicked the bucket on effect. No individuals were harmed regardless of harm to the flying machine. It was the first occasion when it had occurred since 2013.


These are the top three best news ever happened in Florida. I hope you laugh and enjoy them all to the fullest.



Top 4 Craziest News Headlines Created By Florida Men

Florida, a sunshine state Of the United States is famous for lots of reasons. One of which is the news headlines made by the Florida man. Florida man is an internet meme which got extremely popular in the year 2013 because the phrase “Florida man” gets interpreted mistakenly as the name of the same individual in the number of articles other than the description of the various man who lives in Florida. This way Florida man gets mentioned in all the headlines and gets viral.


This is all about the brief history of the Florida man concept. For getting updated with all the hilarious and craziest news of Florida you can visit the sites like Florida Man- Florida Man news. In this article, we are going to read and laugh on the top five bizarre news of the Florida Man. So take a look!


Florida man tries to consume crack cocaine in the ICU, whole hospital staff gets shocked


A 54-year old man of Florida got arrested because of taking crack cocaine in the Intensive Care Unit for sharing with a man on oxygen. That’s quite unbelievable. It gets even worse when the patient tries to consume it from the homemade burning device.


Florida Man flashes bum at the IHOP after mimicking a police officer to get free food


Matt Kenyatta, a 55 year Florida man make an entrance in the IHOP around 1 a.m. on Friday and asked a server for food by impersonating a police officer according to a police report. How also shouted at the IHOP employee and flash his buttocks according to the report.


Florida Man- Florida Man news



Florida Man bites off neighbor’s ear because he says no to him for a cigarette


I think it is the weirdest at the same time funny Florida man we heard. A man named John Ott who was a victim said that his neighbor whose name kept anonymous chunk out his ears because he refused to give him a cigarette.


Florida man claims that his wife was kidnapped by holograms.


That sounds quite bizarre. How someone’s wife gets kidnapped by the holograms? As we know that hologramsare a photographic recording of a light field other than an image that formed by the lens. The man whose name was kept anonymous called police officers to arrive at his home. According to police officers, a man was holding a baseball bat and looked very nervous and said that men kidnapped his wife through the hologram signals what they were projecting on the walls.



Florida, since 2013 is always in the news for the weird and unusual stories of the Florida man. I hope the above four stories made you laugh and at sometimes left amused also.