Things You Should Know About Individual Fundraising

Individual fundraising forms the backbone of almost 90% of all the development organizations exist these days. All the different types of fundraising play an important role in accomplishing your mission. None of them can be overlooked. However, non-profits fundraising that usually relies on events, direct mails, grants and many more are often national on the scale not local. That’s why for small or medium-sized nonprofit organizations individual fundraising provides a major part of your fundraising revenues.


Below are five things that you’ve to know about individual fundraising.


Individual fundraising is viral

Raising money from people works the best when you make use of viral fundraising. Imagine about your organization development as a set of concentric circles. Your organization gets placed in the middle and donors get placed in the next circle. Go back to them in order to cultivate and give help to them. Your familiar donors are in the next circle. So you’ve to develop a relationship there and ask for funding. The key is you’ve to fundraising openly.


You should have a plan

fundraising compliance
fundraising compliance

Every single facet of your development starts with a well created plan. Most of the non-profits have a basic fundraising plan but not a particular individual plan. This is one of the biggest mistakes they do which lead them into perplexity and dilemma and make them miss great opportunities. Before starting your individual fundraising endeavors, write down your plan and strategies.


Relationship matters a lot

People give you a donation when you build a good and strong relationship with them. You have to try your best to build a healthy and positive relationship with your donors. So that they trust while funding you. Keep them all the time updated with the plan and involved in every strategy. Visit them often. So do not feel left alone by your side. Try to understand fundraising compliance to the fullest.


Get completely involved

Most of the charities, churches, and schools think that individual donor involvement will get stop after handed over the check. So it’s your prime duty to not feel them like this. You’ve to make sure them that they’ll be the part of each and every step. When donors give money while funding they want to get involved. So as a professional you’ve to get involved just beyond writing a check. You can volunteer those while different events. Get connected with them deeply. Then, as a result, you always get the feeling of giving from their side too.


These are some of the important things you’ve to know and understand deeply about individual fundraising. You’ve to keep in mind that funding is not all about giving money to the charitable trust, it is much more than it.