The Ultimate Guide: Vaping

Smoking has been there for centuries in the world. But vaping is a new technique come into popularity from few years. It slowly getting more popular across different countries. An electronic cigarette which is also known as vaporizer makes use of different e-liquids which gets heat-up and come out in the form of vapors. These e-juices are based on vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol that are often come in various flavors and may contain nicotine. Vaping devices come in various designs and styles. However, some popular and reputed brands like Juul pods get recognized easily.


What is in a vape?


It is really bizarre but it is true that vaping is around here for a while but still people don’t know clearly about its ingredients. Do you know what is really there is in a vape? Is there tobacco or else nicotine? Vaping consist e-juices that come in various different flavors, nicotine whose quantity differs from one vape to other. Some of them even don’t consist nicotine that makes it even safer for people.


Who invented the vape?

The first electronic cigarette was invented in America in the year 1963 by Herbert a Gilbert and got patent for “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. The patent was granted him in the year 1965. Gilbert’s invention was nicotine-free and consist various flavored juices as a replacement in place of tobacco.


How electronic cigarette works?

Juul pods
Juul pods


Few people still thought that e-cig are a very complicated device. That is not at all true in reality. It is a very simple device which turns out liquid into vapors. It consists of some important components like tank, battery, coil, wick, and mod. The tank houses the coil, mod and the wick. The battery provides power to the tank that in return supply heat to the coil which converts liquid into vapors.


What are the ingredients used in electronic juices?

Electronic juices come in varieties of flavors. But the main elements of e-liquids consist Vegetable glycerine, Propylene glycol, Flavourings, and Nicotine. Flavors changes according to people taste. It might be strawberry, cherry and many more. If you know all these differences you can easily spot the one you really want.


Is it safe to do vaping?

These days, many doctors researched and belief that electronic-cigarettes and vaping are much safer than smoking. But still, some people have doubts in their mind about vaping. Most of the e-cigarettes don’t even make use of nicotine in their manufacturing. If nicotine is not there in the e-cig or there in less amount than it is quite clear how safe it is or not especially in comparison to smoking.


These are some of the most important information about vaping. I hope so after getting through the above article, you will definitely get a clear perspective about vaping.